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Indian lunar lander unresponsive 14 days after night

Indian lunar lander unresponsive 14 days after night

Night on the Moon is a brutal story. It lasts 14 days and temperatures can drop to -250 degrees. For this reason, the Indian space agency chose to put the lunar lander into sleep mode on September 3, to protect electrical components. On September 22, the lunar lander will wake up again and the batteries will be recharged by solar panels.

But this did not happen.

So far, engineers at the Indian space agency have failed to contact the lunar lander, and now say “hope is fading”, reports said. Watchman.

Don’t give up trying

“Efforts will continue to establish communications with the Vikram lander and the Pragyaan rover,” ISRO wrote on the X website.

The trials will continue until September 30, when the following night falls.

Before the lunar lander was put to sleep, authorities were clear that the project was already a great success. With this successful landing, India became the first country to land on the South Pole of the Moon. This aroused great national pride, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi calling it a “victory cry for a new India”.

During the week that the Pragyan spacecraft was able to operate on the lunar surface, it traveled a distance of 100 meters and sent images and data back to Earth.

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