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Melania Trump is missing alongside Donald Trump ahead of the 2024 US election

Melania Trump is missing alongside Donald Trump ahead of the 2024 US election

Donald Trump dominates the Republican field for presidential candidates and is campaigning extensively. Meanwhile, he has a series of pending charges that have already led to him being forced to appear in prison in Georgia for leaving his fingerprints and having his photos taken. The image – in which he looks directly into the camera – now appears on mugs, T-shirts, banners, hats and scarves, bringing in millions of dollars for the campaign. The trial may begin in Georgia early next year.

A second trial over Trump’s responsibility for storming the Capitol is expected to begin in early March next year. It coincides with “Super Tuesday” for the primary elections, when a number of important states hold their votes at the same time

But on the surface, Donald Trump now seems unexpectedly alone in some of the most difficult and decisive moments of his life. When he ran for president for the first time in 2016, the whole family rallied around him. In the forefront were wife Melania, her daughter Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner. After winning the election, Melania became a highly visible first lady, and Ivanka and her husband officially became the president’s closest aides and advisors in the White House. Documented family gatherings alternated with children and grandchildren.

But today things seem different. Donald Trump travels alone to his campaign rallies, and he does not have a family member by his side in the legal proceedings to which he is summoned.

Make fun of opponents

Traditionally, politicians’ wives tend to outwardly stand loyally by their husbands, even when the wind is blowing. This makes Melania Trump’s absence even more noticeable. And in Iowa’s first primary, it was also noticed by Trump opponents who pasted up notes with Melania Trump and the word “Missing” at campaign meetings and who also printed signs with the same message. On a few occasions, aircraft flew at low altitude during various events.

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Donald Trump has previously avoided questions about Melania’s whereabouts, but recently answered that she would be there “soon” or when the “right time” comes.

Already during the presidency, rumors circulated that Melania Trump and their son Barron preferred to spend time with her parents, who were living in a rented residence in Washington, rather than the White House. Additionally, Barron was almost never in the public eye during the presidential years and was only caught on camera at the presidential inauguration and on a few other occasions.

Melania gave a farewell speech in which she thanked her for her time in the White House as the Trump family left Washington without welcoming new President Joe Biden or attending his inauguration on the steps of the Capitol, which is the usual practice.

Since then, they have rarely been seen. On a few occasions, she has been photographed with her husband at state dinners and receptions in the Mar-a-Lago area of ​​Florida, and was present when he announced that he would run for president again.

Supporting children

It is said to focus entirely on 17-year-old son Barron and his choice of future school and shuttles between the floor of Trump Tower in New York and Mar-a-Lago in Florida where the family writes. Donald Trump spends a lot of time at his home in Bedminster, New Jersey, where he owns a golf course. Rarely in New York.

Ivanka, Donald Trump’s daughter, with his first wife Ivana, who died a year ago, avoids appearing in public with her father. It’s a complete reversal from what she looked like before the 2016 election, when she was by his side almost constantly and she and her husband, Jared Kushner, were appointed to senior positions in the White House after the election. Ivanka announced that she is now devoting herself to her family and her own business. Kushner has also severed ties with Donald Trump and is handling business, including recently securing a multibillion-dollar investment from Saudi Arabia.

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However, eldest sons Donald Jr. and Eric – and their mother Ivana as well – are still supporting their father on various social media platforms. But they’re not present during Donald Trump’s campaigns either.

– Donald Trump quickly answers questions about when and when the family will end as it was before.

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