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Germany and Poland are in open conflict before the entire continent

Germany and Poland are in open conflict before the entire continent

Germany and Poland are in open conflict before the entire continent

Two European neighbors fell out in public in front of the entire continent.

Both countries have long been members of both the NATO and European Union military alliance.

They are also neighboring countries and have a long history of dealing with each other, for better or worse.

But the relationship is now very cold, and accusations are being made by ministers in the highest positions in the governments concerned.

Begging to stop

It’s about Germany and Poland, which ended up in each other’s hands.

Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) since 1955 and 1999 respectively, the latter joining the European Union in 2004.

Poland is responsible for the latest attack, Deutsche Welle reported.

The country accuses Germany of interfering in Polish affairs and trying to influence Polish elections later this fall.

– It is clear that the competence of the German Chancellor does not affect the ongoing action in Poland, thunders Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau on X, previously Twitter.

– In the name of good bilateral relations, I appeal to the German Chancellor to respect Poland’s sovereignty and refrain from statements that harm our mutual relations.

Poland accused

In this post, the Polish minister “tagged” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

It is also a direct response to the German leader’s recent statement regarding allegations against the Polish Foreign Ministry that officials accepted bribes from Africa and Asia in exchange for visas.

Reports indicate that up to 350,000 migrants may have purchased entry visas within the Schengen Area from Polish consulates.

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“I don’t want people from Poland to be waved away just so we can have a discussion about asylum policy afterwards,” Schulz said, according to the German news agency.

As a result, Germany also considered imposing controls on the open border with Poland.

The European Union demands answers

The European Union is also demanding answers from Poland.

– We need clarity on the situation, European Commission spokeswoman Anita Heber tells DW.

Poland strongly denies all accusations. It is believed that the matter has been exaggerated to absurd proportions in the media, among the opposition, and now in Germany as well.

As I said, they are not at all satisfied with Olaf Schulz’s comment.

– The last statement violates the principles of sovereign equality between states, which are the basis of good-neighborly relations and friendly cooperation, Zbigniew Rau asserts.

– It has nothing to do with the truth and aims to create information chaos, as Polish Minister of State Pawel Jablonski expressed in a statement.

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