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Infiltration on board a SAS plane in Kastrup – the hackers were sentenced in the USA

The man, an Israeli and Russian citizen, has been in US custody since Border Patrol agents arrested him in November. He was detained immediately after the plane landed when the cabin crew suspected something was wrong.

Before that, he had been sneaking around for more than half a day at Copenhagen's Kastrup Airport. The American investigation shows that the man, who did not have a plane ticket, was able to bypass the terminal barriers by taking the back of another passenger.

Surveillance footage shows how The man wanders for several hours in the international terminal before finally managing to sneak onto a SAS plane to Los Angeles, without the knowledge of the staff.

Staff on the plane testified that the man was moving between different seats, receiving two meals at each meal, and on one occasion tried to eat chocolate intended for staff, the Associated Press wrote.

When he was taken into police custody upon landing, the man initially claimed to be a US citizen, but later admitted he had lied.

Announced on Friday The United States Attorney's Office said the man was convicted of attempting to enter the United States illegally. The offense could result in up to five years in prison and the sentence will be announced in just over a week.

The man has always denied any crime and claimed that he had no intention of going to the United States. During questioning, he said he had no memory of the incident, which he blamed on lack of sleep, he writes BBC.

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