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MP: Legislation against nuclear weapons in Sweden: “It could constitute a target”

MP: Legislation against nuclear weapons in Sweden: “It could constitute a target”

Many NATO countries possess nuclear weapons. Great Britain, France, the United States, and above all the United States, which also deployed American nuclear weapons in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Turkey. The Green Party thus wants to legislate against nuclear weapons, given Sweden's impending membership in the defense alliance.

– We believe it is important that we protect Swedish security and thus not obtain nuclear weapons on Swedish territory, says Green Party defense policy spokeswoman Emma Berginger in the SVT Agenda.

Why would it be safer without nuclear weapons?

– Because it could be a target for nuclear attacks.

Johnson: There are no expectations of Sweden having nuclear weapons

But according to Defense Minister Pall Johnson (centre), there is no ally requesting nuclear weapons on Swedish territory.

– There were no expectations, either from the United States, Great Britain, or France, to deploy any nuclear weapons on the territory of the new Allies.

But why don't you want to pass laws that also ban nuclear weapons?

– Because there is no need. Our line is widely known and established. Norway and Denmark do not have any legislation in this area.

Hultqvist: No conversation at all

Defense Minister Pall Johnson is supported by Peter Hultqvist, who also does not believe Sweden needs a special law against nuclear weapons. He says that this issue has already been investigated in relation to other countries.

– During the eight years I spent as Minister of Defense, I never spoke, never put any pressure, and never raised the issue of the day.

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Emma Berginger (MP) asks why a ban on nuclear weapons is not important, while M and S agree that they do not want to see nuclear weapons in Sweden.

“Just because you haven't been involved before and you're not facing those pressures right now, we don't know what might come in the future,” Berginger says.