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Ukraine wants to advance across the Dnieper River

Ukrainian soldiers in boats on the banks of the Dnieper River, on October 15 last year.  Archive photo.

Ukrainian forces continue to try to gain a foothold across the Dnieper River, which forms part of the front line against Russia in southern Ukraine.

The Ukrainian army announced that measures aimed at “expanding the bridgehead” on the eastern bank of the river are continuing.

Ukrainian forces gained a foothold on the eastern side of the river in November and reportedly took control of a small community there, but there have been no major movements in the area since then. Both sides constantly claim that the other side is suffering heavy losses in the fighting there.

The Ukrainian account stated: “Despite the heavy losses, the enemy continues to try to remove our forces from their positions.”

The Dnieper River divides Ukraine's Kherson Oblast. Ukraine regained control of the main city of Kherson and all areas on its western side in a successful counterattack in the fall of 2022, but Russia regularly bombs the city from nearby positions across the river.

In June last year, the great Nova Kakhovka Dam burst, submerging large parts of the regions below the Dnieper River and impeding military advances in that direction. It also gave Russian invading forces greater margins to consolidate their positions along other parts of the front line.