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aktualizacja iOS 15.4.1 problem Apple iPhone iOS 16 kiedy

iOS 15.4.1 is not the last update before iOS 16. Apple will provide more of it

iOS 15.4.1 is the current software version for iPhone devices. Apple is preparing to announce iOS 16. But will we see more updates from line 15? Sure, because iOS 15.5 is on the way. It is very likely that there will be more of these minor updates.

iOS 15.4.1 is the latest iPhone update released this week. They fix some problems. There’s a preview of iOS 16 ahead of us. Will there be any smaller updates before this release? At all and in fact there may not be enough of them. What comes from?

IOS 15.5 is on the way

The closest software update for iPhones is iOS 15.5, which should be available in beta soon. This could happen next week. This is because the beta program will last at least several weeks. However, the final version of this software should be ready when iOS 16 is announced.

Remember that iOS 15.5 will mainly provide support for the new Apple operating systems, which will then be in the beta stage. The program will ensure compatibility with new versions. Therefore, the final version of this update should be available immediately after WWDC 2022, in the first half of June.

iOS 16 won’t update until September

The iOS 16 beta will be available for testing from June. However, the final version of this update will not be available to all iPhone users until September. Last year, Apple also introduced a certain policy change regarding the update. That’s why we can expect some additional updates from line 15.x coming this year.

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When IOS 16 Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max what was known as the 2022 smartphones, rumors of a leak

In 2021, Apple decided to introduce longer support for iOS 14. This applies to users who, for various reasons, did not want to switch to the latest software yet. It even ended up with an update with the number 14.8.1.

Update Apple iPhone iOS 14.8.1 iPadOS 14.8.1 What new changes in opinions are worth installing iOS 16

It will likely be similar this year. Therefore, we expect that after the release with the number 15.5, Apple will also release versions 15.6, 15.7, etc. The program will be intended for iPhone users who, for some reason, will not want to switch to iOS 16. This state will persist for some time and then line 15.x updates will be suspended. It was similar last year with the iOS 14 updates.

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