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iPhone 13 Pro finally got a new feature

iPhone 13 Pro finally got a new feature

When the iPhone 13 Pro was launched, there was one feature that caused panic in some circles. The feature itself was not unwelcome, but its implementation has divided users. That’s the macro mode, which is a new addition to the iPhone camera innovation suite and has been enhanced in the upcoming iPhone software update, iOS 15.2.

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If you try it, you’ll find that it works like this: When you get close to your subject with the iPhone 13 Pro’s wide camera, something happens the closer you get. And when I say close up, I mean inches of what you visualize. At this point, the image shines on the screen while the iPhone switches to the ultra-wide camera, and the subject turns into focus, revealing details that most phone cameras can’t. The results were amazing.

But people did not like the lack of control provided to users. Let’s say you don’t want your iPhone to switch cameras? What if you were making a movie where lens shift flicker was a noticeable distraction?

Personally, I love the macro and it works great as is. I know when the change is happening and I can see a complete improvement. But I use it almost exclusively for photos.

Apple quickly responded to the criticism — faster than I’ve seen in a long time — and announced an upcoming update, even before the phones went on sale. Then I implemented a software update so users could soon turn off the auto macro switch if they didn’t like it.

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Well, that was a good start, but that means you have to go into settings to re-enable the macro when you want to. Everything becomes much better with iOS 15.2. The update will give you better control.

If you turn off the Auto Macro switch in Settings, you don’t have to go back there when you want to take a macro photo. Instead, a yellow icon will appear on the iPhone camera screen when the camera gets close enough to the subject. It’s a flower, a perfectly symmetrical flower denoted by the macro by default. While you don’t have to be limited to photographing plants, you do.

When the icon appears, swiping the camera takes you to these great close-up shots, or you can turn them off with one touch if you don’t want to.

In other words, it is more under your control with its ease of use. The update is currently in public beta and is expected to be released in the coming weeks.

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