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It is scheduled to start operating 345 km of national roads this year

It is scheduled to start operating 345 km of national roads this year

This includes the last part of the A1 motorway, from Piotrków Trybunalski to Kamieńsk, which will close the north-south motorway connection. The Road Department will also complete two sections of S7: Napierki – Mława and Pieńki – Płońsk in a whole section. Those leaving Warsaw via the S7 motorway to the south will also receive two sections: Warsaw Airport – Lisznoola and Lisznoola – Tarczyn North. in Voif. GDDKiA in Malopolska will connect the existing sections of the S7 between Lubień and Rabka Zdrój with a tunnel.

Next year, Via Carpatia in Poland will be extended by more than 28 km thanks to two sections of the S19: Niedrzwica Duży – Kraśnik and Zdziary – Rudnik nad Sanem.

Road workers will also deliver the section Łomża Południe – Łomża Zachód with the exit to DK61 and Szczuczyn – Ełk Południe and the section from the end of the Suwałudnie track to the border with Lithuania at Budzisko.

The Generalna will connect the A1 motorway in Nowe Marzy with Bydgoszcz, Pozna and Wrocław via the S5 motorway.

Construction workers will open three divisions of S6, Bożepole Wielkie – Gdynia Wielki Kack. Drivers will also use the new road on the first of four sections of the A18. GDDKiA will extend the West Corridor section of لودód along S14, the East Warsaw corridor along S17 and will complete work on the border section of S3 Kamienna Góra – Lubawka.

In 2022, GDDKiA plans to operate over 345 kilometers of new roads:

46 km of highways:

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A1 Piotrków Trybunalski South – Kamieńsk (24.2 km)

A18 from km 11 + 860 (more than two km behind the Żary West junction towards Wroclaw) to 33 + 760 (almost four km before the Iłowa junction) (21.9 km)

253 km of highways:

S3 Extension of Kijewo Junction (1.7 km)

S3 Kamienna Góra North – Lubawka (state border) (15.3 km)

S5 Neu Marse – Sevichy Bodney (23.3 km)

S5 Świecie Południe – Bydgoszcz North (22.4 km)

S6 Bożepole Wielkie – Luzino (10.4 km)

S6 Luzino – Szemud (10.3 km)

S6 Szmod – Gdynia Wilkie Kack (20.2 km)

S7 Napierki – Mława (14 km)

S7 Pieki – Płońsk (13.8 km)

S7 Warsaw-Lisznoola Airport (6.5 km)

S7 Licenola – Tarczyn North (14.8 km)

S7 Repair – Skomielna Biała (3.1 km)

S14 Łódź Lublinek – Teofilów Łódź (7.6 miles)

S17 Warsaw East – Lubelska (2.5 km)

S19 Niedrzwica Duży – Kraśnik (20 km)

S19 Zdziary – Rudnik nad Sanem (8.2 km)

S61 omża South – omża West (7.2 km)

S61 Szczuczyn – Ełk Południe (23.3 km)

S61 end of Suwałki – Budzisko Circuit with Szypliszek Circuit (24.2 km)

46 km of other national roads:

Iłża Bypass DK9 (7.2 km)

DK15 Beltway of Nowe Miasto Lubawskie (17.7 km)

Bypassing the DK35 of Wałbrzych (1.1 km) – the investment is divided into two parts, the first city financed by the President of Wałbrzych and the other outside the cities funded by GDDKiA, with a length of 1.1 km)

Overtaking DK40 Kędzierzyn-Koźle (2nd stage) (14.3 km)

DK51 Bypass of Smolajny (1.8 km)

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DK73 Kielce – Brzezine / Morawica (4.2 km)