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“It will take time to absorb”

Didier Deschamps, France coach, on TF1, after the knockout in the Round of 16 by Switzerland (3-3 AB, tab 5-4):

“You can imagine the sadness this crazy scenario can feel. We were at the end of our strength, we did what was necessary to lead 3 to 1 and then voila, in 10 minutes…we weren’t used to it, but we won with a little fever that put this The Swiss team got back on track and tried to the end, we had chances too in the second half and then after the penalties it’s always tough on the team, unfortunately, that’s it for us, we’re not used to it, but I have to accept it, it’s a sport too.” .

“The discussions we were able to have in the locker room are also important, we know very well what we knew together and this unity, this solidarity, so here we are today, we are on the wrong side, but I repeat, he must accept it even if it hurts. It will take time. To digest, but undoubtedly we didn’t deserve more. It’s football, and it’s still football, anyway.”

(In the first unsuccessful period) Yes, after that it was the opponent who put us in difficulty, but no problem I take my responsibilities, I know very well, it’s football, it is and deserves it when we basically win it. It’s about the players and when things go wrong, that’s my responsibility.”

“Would we have done better in another system?” Maybe, but we did what was necessary in the second half to completely reverse the trend and it went 3 to 1 and unfortunately we lost the thread to get to these penalties.”

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(The future in the France team?) “There is no question. Today, I am sad, like the whole group, the staff, with the strength that this team exudes, but we have to accept that it is football.”

(On Kylian Mbappe, who missed his shot on goal) “He’s very sad, like all the players. Nobody can blame him, from the moment he takes responsibility, it can happen, so obviously he’s very special, but hey, he has all the Qualities for better days.