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Ivanka Trump is “enough” with “I want to be normal”

Ivanka Trump is “enough” with “I want to be normal”

Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka.

Photo: Wilfredo Lee News Agency/AP TT

Ivanka Trump.


When Donald Trump was President of the United States between 2017 and 2021, his daughter Ivanka worked in the White House as one of his most important advisors.

In November, Donald Trump could become president again, but without his daughter by his side.

-She is very happy and living her best life. She left politics completely behind. This time, she doesn't even care that her father is the Republican front-runner, as she told him when he said he would run again, says a source in Ivanka Trump's circle.

“You will never enter politics again.”

Two years ago, Donald Trump announced that he planned to run for president again in 2024. But his daughter Ivanka was clear that she “plans not to get involved in politics.”

– Ivanka Trump said: – This time I choose to prioritize my young children and the privacy we create as a family Fox News Digital.

She lives with her husband, Jared Kushner, and their three children in Miami. There, Ivanka Trump devotes herself to children, goes to the gym, travels and gets involved in many local organizations.

-You will not enter politics again. It was hard for her because she didn't agree with everything Donald Trump said, but she didn't want to disagree with him publicly. That's why she's staying away from it all now, says the source.

“She had enough”

Despite the approaching presidential elections, Ivanka Trump does not regret her decision, according to the source.

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– In the last elections, she wanted to support him and be a good daughter. She worked in his administration for four years, but she had had enough. She doesn't want to do it anymore, the source says.

The most important thing for Ivanka Trump now is that she “wants to be normal,” according to the source.

-She doesn't want to think about anything other than family and what they do together. The source says she wants to enjoy her life.

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