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Jacob Moter after the match against Spain: For every ball it fought like life!

Jacob Moter after the match against Spain: For every ball it fought like life!

Author: Cyphra Game
Jacob Motor

In the middle of the field Jacob Moder did everything he could to prevent the attacks of the Spanish Armada. Although he bought the penalty kick, he was lucky because Moreno missed. Brighton’s midfielder glows after the game. – We are already waiting for the fight with Sweden – declared the Polish representative, who ruled very well in the middle of the field.

– When the judge ordered the sentence, I thought positively that Vojtech would not defend or Moreno would score. We are lucky too. If he had used the penalty, the target would have gone into my account because I was clearly late. Luck, which was not present in previous games, is good for us now, Moter said, also explaining how the team approached the game mentally. – It seemed like we were still mobilizing this match on the pitch. But we went to the match with Slovakia. We knew we had to win that match, but unfortunately we didn’t make it. We talked for a few hours about this failure. We have this match against Spain in our head. For every ball we fought as if we were alive – Motor explained.

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After the humiliation with Slovakia, many fans doubted the Polish national team. The players felt it.

– I have seen a lot of negative comments that we will lose 4 or 5 to zero in Spain. After the first match, criticism arose and the players won. However, the most important thing is that no one on the team doubts themselves. We kept saying that if we didn’t believe ourselves, no one would believe us. Despite the fact that many of us write, we wanted to approach this game with a cool head, Motor said.

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For the first time on the Polish national team, there were three friends in the front row – Motor, Kamil Juviak and Timothy Buchas. – It was nice to play with three people. We fought defensively. When someone failed at something, I tried to fight for him. When I made a penalty and my opponent missed, I got a very positive reaction from my teammates – Motor insisted.

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