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Marta Sodorovska showed off her bust.  Cezary Żak could not resist.  His comment caused a stir [FOTO] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Marta Sodorovska showed off her bust. Cezary Żak could not resist. His comment caused a stir [FOTO] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Marta Chodorowska shared a hot photo on the web that escaped the attention of Cezary Żak. The actor, who was his father in the “Ranch” series, caused a great stir with his commentary. The 40-year-old audience responded with avalanche responses.

Marta Sodorovska played the daughter of Halina and Pavel Koziolo in the movie “Ranks”. The character of the series, which was very popular among the audience, brought him nationwide recognition. Although the actress continues to appear in subsequent productions, many still associate her with the character of Claudia Cociol. However, the 40-year-old star of “Ranches” does not want to rest on its laurels and constantly faces new professional challenges. That was recently praised We will see him soon in the new Bolsat series called “Lulu”.

Marta Sodorovska poses with naked breasts

Marta Sodorovska, thanks to profiles on social media, can stay in constant contact with fans. Because it contains some of them It has already amassed 35,000 followers on Instagram. The actress often puts private employees on the internet. Those who consistently follow his actions know it well The 40-year-old is a serious walrus. Perhaps it was because he bathed in ice water that he was indebted to such a large form. Sodorowska is always happy, as if time has stopped for her. That has changed a bit since “Rancza”.

The star of the “Ranch” series recently praised the network Hell bold frame. Marta Sodorovska She posed in front of the camera lens without a bra. The mesh top she wears in the photo could not cover her naked body. Soon many comments came down. Internet users praised the 40-year-old for his bravery and showered praise on him. Cezary Żak added a few words from himself.

Cezary ak comments on Sodorovska’s photo

Cezary Żak played the father of the character played by Marta Chodorowska in “Rancz”. He could not pass up the brave photo of the serial daughter indifferently. The 60-year-old actor, who had a personal affair with Katharsina Żak, Solejukova of “Ransa”, his This comment caused a great stir.

Corsio, for God’s sake, I will forget myself! – Under the bold photo of Sodorovska he wrote to surprise everyone.

It didn’t take long for fans to react to this series. In response to Cezary Żak’s commentary Quotes from “Rancza” crashed.

After all, the wife gave birth to a chameleon, so the daughter had to stick to it

“Halina, but you raised your daughter”

Character after mom – Internet users, clearly amused by Cezary Żak’s words, began to make fun of him.

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