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A great show at Astro!  Berndsson defeated Smarslick

A great show at Astro! Berndsson defeated Smarslick

In fact, Arjat is going for Malaysian respect because even his fans may have lost faith in keeping. Residents of Ostrów Wielkopolski have no points, however they must admit that they are doing what they can. The problem is that they can not do much. Perhaps it seemed that Stall had a chance to fight for victory in the face of the problems he had been facing in recent days.

Stall came to Astro with an introductory player that everyone was looking forward to, not just in Corso. Oscar Baloch fell in his first league run, but fortunately nothing happened to him. Unfortunately, his friend, Mateusz Bartkowiak, was the victim. In the replay, Baloch probably won.

The game started as 5: 1 for the spectators, but the next heats were very even. There are no imbalances between these teams and it can be seen in the table. In the seventh heat something miraculous happened. There Oliver Berndsen and Bartos Smarslick stood side by side.

It is difficult to calculate how many times the two have changed in distance. It seemed that Zmarzlik would not publish anymore. Meanwhile, Sweden responded brilliantly. In the end, he won by one shot. He was happy for himself and the fans.

After Oscar Baloch brought Aurora into the second inning, he proved once again why he was so anticipated. In the 12th race, he brilliantly cut to the curb and came up with 5: 1 with Anders Thompson. He was inspired by maturity and determination.

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On the other hand, his team began to increase in advantage. – Tobias, the project is not over yet – asked Michał Korościel during the vision. The people of Corso, however, drove just before the recommended races, and everything became clear after the first round.

Arjet Malaysia Astro: 34

My Bermuda Steel Corso: 55

Arcade Malaysia Astro: 34
Oliver Berndsson 9 (0,3,2,3,1,0)
10. Tomas Kapinsky 5 (3,1,0,1)
11. Grzegorz Walasek 2 (1, t, 1, -)
Matthias Nielsen 6 (2,1,2,1,0,0)
13. Chris Holder 9 + 1 (1 *, 3,2,1,2)
14. Jacques Kravsik 2 (2, D, 0.0)
15. Sebastian Sostock 1 (1,0,0)
16. Tim Sorenson – Not started

My Bermuda Shorts Stall Corsov: 55
1. Simon Woniak 11 (3,2,3,2,1)
Anders Thompson 7 + 2 (0.1 *, 1.3.2 *)
3. Martin Vaughan 10 + 2 (2 *, 3,3,2 *)
Patrick Hansen 8 + 1 (2.2 *, 1.0.3)
5. Bardos Smarslik 14 (3,2,3,3,3)
6. Mateusz Bartkowiak – (u / -, -, -)
7. Oscar Baloch 5 + 1 (3,0,2 *)
8. Wiktor Jasiński – Not started