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Jan remains undefeated after beating Volkov, and advances to face Ngano

Unbeaten in Muay Thai and now in MMA, Ciryl Gane defeated Russian Alexander Volkov on Saturday night in Las Vegas, by unanimous decision of the judges, during UFC Vegas 30 Nights.

In a somewhat inconclusive battle and less exciting than expected, Cyril Jean defeated Russian Alexander Volkov on Saturday evening in Las Vegas, by unanimous decision of the judges (50-45 .50-45 .49-46), in the main event of UFC Vegas 30 night.

“You know what I want”

“I feel really good, Volkov Lee had a big fight, I’m very happy. Everything is fine, look at my face,” the Frenchman relaxed after his fight. His success will allow him to enter the top three in the heavyweight category. To approach the shock encounter Francis Ngannou.

“You know what I want,” Cyril Jane smiles in the cage. Everyone already knows that. But it hasn’t been done yet…although it is known that the UFC is looking forward to hosting a major event in Paris in the coming months.

However there were some concerns for the French fighter. Especially towards the end of the last round, with that finger put in the eye of Alexander Volkov which could have cost him dearly but was ultimately not punished.

decisive second round جولة

“Round one was close, admits Taylor Labellos, RMC Sport consultant and gym partner for heavyweight training at the MMA Factory. But we felt, from the second round, that he had taken the Volkoff meter,” he assessed the risks he represented. Gradually it started increasing in size and getting firmer each time. I was really confident of the five rounds Jen won. “

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Facing an opponent who is taller, heavier, and with longer legs, Ciryl Gane manages to stay silent, despite a few hits. The Russians suffered physically. He looked already exhausted after the second round, having his shoulder and arm massaged. The Frenchman rushed into the breach to continue hurting his opponent, until the final victory.