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Janes Glachyotte’s “Pillar of Shame” can be transferred from Hong Kong

Jens Glaschiøt’s statue “Columns of Shame” depicts human bodies stacked on top of each other to form a column and was created as a reminder of the Beijing massacre in 1989. Now the university has demanded that the statue be moved. The artist fears that he will be destroyed.

An important monument to the Tiananmen Square massacre. A memory that it is worth at least six square meters on Chinese soil, says Jens Galschiøt to Kulturnyheterna from SVT.

He demands Danish politicians to take a stand against the statue’s move and wants Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod (S) to summon the Chinese ambassador in Copenhagen for a meeting.

Pillar of Shame has been shown in a number of universities in Hong Kong for 25 years.

Photo: Catherine Cheng/TT

Many Danish politicians He lends support to Jens Galschiøt and wants the government to ensure the statue is moved safely to Denmark, provided he is not allowed to remain at the University of Hong Kong.

The artist stated, on Wednesday, that the university has postponed the “column of shame” move, indicating that legal procedures are underway, according to reports. Policy.

– Strangely enough, they haven’t contacted my lawyers in Hong Kong, so we don’t really understand with whom they had legal negotiations, Jens Galchiot tells Politiken.

Typhoon Compasso also hampered the prospect of relocating the artwork, causing large parts of Hong Kong to close on Wednesday.

hit last month Police in Hong Kong to a museum dedicated to commemorating the massacre in Tiananmen Square. Authorities actually closed the museum over the summer, arguing that there was no permit for the operation, but during the September raid, a number of museum pieces were also confiscated.

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