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Jędrzejczyk - Zhang: Polish woman loses after an amazing blow and ends her life!  Failed to come back

Jędrzejczyk – Zhang: Polish woman loses after an amazing blow and ends her life! Failed to come back

Author: UFC
Jonah Zedrejic returns to the cage! We know the date of the winning rematch with Weili Zhang

Joanna Jędrzejczyk lost to Weili Zhang in UFC 275 … Unfortunately, the Polish woman was brutally eliminated by a Chinese woman in the second round. The rotating foot hit “JJ” right in the ear. This match was the eliminator to fight for the straw type belt with Carla Esparza. After the fight, Jonah Zedrezczyk announced the end of his life.

To live

UFC 275: Teixeira – Prochazka, Jędrzejczyk – Zhang

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What a plant in the battle between Shevchenko and Santos. The current champion had big problems, but he responded with strong blows from behind.

Shevchenko and Santos are already in a cage. It’s time for the UFC 275 co-main event.

The moving words of a Polish woman in captivity. Read them in the article below.

Polka announces retirement!

Sometimes people don’t even see it. I’m proud of myself. I was preparing for a tough fight. I didn’t expect her to be so hard, ”JJ says.

Great compliment to Zedrezczyk after the defeat.

Chinese woman who challenged Carla Esparza to a fight!

Zhang Weili knocked down a Polish woman. The Chinese woman immediately ran to Jetrejsky to thank him for the fight.

KOOOOOOOOOONIEC! Jonah Zedrezczyk Scott !!!

Good start to the second round by Jędrzejczyk. But after the first installment the Polish woman can be seen to be a bit tired.

We start the second round!

Jędrzejczyk is an excellent combination, but caught while kicking. Polish girl on the mat again, but actually two seconds. The first round is definitely for Jong.

Very strong elbows fall on the head of the Polish woman. One more minute in the first round …

The Polish woman woke up, but only for a moment. Jędrzejczyk Zhang hit successively on the ground.

Jędrzejczyk was thrown and took some hard blows.

Jędrzejczyk tries to dig a lot. An attempt was thwarted by a good attempt by a Chinese woman. Shortly afterwards, Weili Zhang lands on the boards after being kicked. Feet fly in the air.

Joanna Jędrzejczyk was warmly welcomed by the audience.

Bruce Buffer has already announced the conflict in Poland.

According to bookmakers, the favorite in the competition was a Chinese woman. What does the octagon show?

This fight is the eliminator for the fight for the UFC belt in the straw division.

Weili Zhang on the way to the cage.

Some rounds in the octagon, jump. Jonah Zedrezczyk is back!

Aerosmith’s dream is sounding in Singapore. Already “JJ” in the octagon!

Jonah Zedrezic runs into the cage!

None of the fans hid the fact that this fight was actually highly anticipated. Start time Jędrzejczyk – Zhang.

In March 2020 the females entered the cage for the first time. Zhang won by a split decision of the judges.

Matthews had a quick knock out. Last moments before the fight starts Jędrzejczyk – Zhang.

John Blachovich was at UFC 275. In the evening fight, Clover Dexira confronts Jiri Prosaska. The stock belonged to one pole.

More players go to the cage. After this fight, it will be time for Zedrezic.

BOOOOOM and it’s over! Quick knockout in the first UFC 275 main card fight. Jay’s fight is approaching.

Two more fights will take place before the fight between Jonah Zedrezic and Wiley Zhang.

Watch the live broadcast of the most important fights of the UFC 275 Gala. At 4:45 pm the most important fights, including the Jędrzejczyk-Zhang clash, begin.

It’s happening! Joanna Jędrzejczyk (35) will return to UFC night after Saturday and Sunday after a two – year hiatus. UFC President Dana White has confirmed that the winner will be another contender for the straw belt. Its owner is Carla Esparsa. White’s announcement did not surprise the Polish woman. – I know this! I would not have signed a contract knowing that I would be next to the belt after the victory. Weil and I deserve it, “JJ” said. The fight will take place in Singapore. In March 2020, when the Chinese win after the split of the judges, it will be a great rematch. – Wiley Zhang is one of the best players. Despite the two defeats, he proved to be one of the best – Jędrzejczyk told a news conference.

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In the end

UFC 275: Who will win the rematch?