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Johan snapped a photo of Bolide in the photo: ‘It was awesome’

About a year ago, Johann Ninsen Lindqvist, 36, realized that the northern lights could be seen at home in Molkom more often than he thought.

He took out his cell phone camera and took a picture.

– Then things escalated from there, he says.

Now he has better gear, and almost every night when there is a chance of the northern lights, he goes out.

I take pictures of something else too, a lot of landscapes. I have been to Norway and taking pictures there in the mountains, but it is the northern lights that have become the center of this attention.

From initial data from satellites, he has a fairly good view of when the prospects for aurora borealis are good.

– Appears more often than you think in Molkom. It’s very far in the south but now we’ve had four nights in a row.

“That’s how it worked”

On Friday, he set out to create the so-called Time Lapse, a movie made up of a lot of still images, something NWT previously mentioned in .

– I set up the camera and ran such an interval, then took 2,600 pictures in twelve hours. That’s how I managed to get her in the picture when that happened.

Lake Poklin’s night car lit up on Friday night. Boliders are bright meteors that enter the atmosphere and burn up.

– It’s just luck. You never know when that will happen, but obviously, if you set up your camera and turn it on every night, it will eventually come. I think I took 100,000 photos of the night sky, and this is the first time I’ve taken such a powerful car, says Johan Nensén Lindqvist.

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