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Skånska Dagbladet | Three young men were robbed in the car – the police are searching by helicopter

The year was 2005 and I finished my temporary position in Sjöbo. I had a great summer interviewing politicians, driving to spot traffic accidents and writing about historic plague cemeteries.

Little did I know then that for the next year I would work in all of Skånska’s editorial offices – there were eleven of them – except for the one in Trelleborg (pure coincidence, I have nothing against Trelleborg).

Then 15 years went by in several other Skåne newspapers. Now it’s my first week as editor-in-chief of Skånska Dagbladet magazine. It was like that, I thought less so during my first year as a reporter.

But what I already knew was that I wanted to do local journalism. Others may dream of becoming foreign correspondents or cultural writers. I wanted to search for where I stood, find the uniqueness of people’s daily lives and keep track of those in power closest to us. Those who decide what children might lose for their pay, who can influence which workplaces come and stay, who build our homes, protect our waterways and patrol our streets.

The most important thing is that local materials should be highlighted more clearly.

This is so we can focus on what we at Skånskan are the only experts on: the local press in our places, for our readers.

You will notice some changes over the next six months. The most important thing is that local material should be more clearly highlighted, whether in paper, online or on mobile.

All issues of the magazine, both print and digital, will be partially developed in look and feel. How exactly is not decided in advance. We at the editorial office in Skånskan will prepare the most urgent and closed newspaper for you. I promise to write regularly and tell you more about how things are going!

You will, of course, get acquainted with the content, because at that time, as now and in the future, it concerns you and all our local community. But there may still be a slight difference. With the resources released thanks to the group, we can meet you more often, and get closer to more residents.

We know that many of you have stories to tell, you see the changes that others are going through, and some of you are doing great things in silence. Send us tips about yourself and others. Write to me [email protected], or write to me directly: [email protected].