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Kidnapping of students – a bloody attempt to free them

The attack took place, Friday, in the state of Kebbi, which borders Niger and Benin, and information about the extent of the kidnapping is uncertain. According to the first information from teachers at the school, more than 80 students and 5 teachers were kidnapped.

The army later managed to release two teachers and five students. The release came after a clash with the kidnappers.

The army found a girl who went to school dead.

“The release took place after a violent exchange of fire,” the country’s security force wrote in a statement.

According to the army, the kidnappers split into two groups after storming the school and bringing teachers and students with them.

The army also recovered about 800 head of cattle stolen by the militants.

Kidnappings of large groups of school children and other children are common in Nigeria, especially in the northwestern and central parts of the country, which has major problems with criminal gangs looting villages and stealing livestock. The motive is often financial, with the perpetrators hoping to get the state to pay a large ransom thanks to the huge media attention the kidnappings lead to.

Information from the Nigerian authorities about similar attacks is often highly unconfirmed, and information that later turns out to be incorrect is regularly published.

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