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Archaeologists’ surprise – they found a thousand-year-old egg | News

Archaeologists have described the egg, which is a thousand years old, as an incredibly unusual find.

It was found during excavations by a community of the Byzantine Empire in Yavne, Israel.

“Even today it’s hard for whites to survive in the box at the grocery store, it’s great that this find is 1,000 years old,” archaeologist Ala Nagorski told The Times of Israel.

It’s very common to find healthy ostrich eggs, Nagorsky says, as they have thicker shells than chicken eggs. Instead, archaeologists usually find only shells from broken chicken eggs during excavations.

small crack

So how can such a wonderful chicken egg live for so long without breaking?

Perhaps the answer was a little unexpected – it was human feces that preserved the egg.

The discovery was made in an old toilet pit, and archaeologists are convinced that it was the soft stool that made the egg function so well. However, the egg was not completely intact – a small crack in the bottom caused some of the contents to leak.

However, some egg yolk remains, eg for DNA analysis.

Archaeologists also found with the egg three dolls made of bones from the same time period.

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