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Jonah Fiodoro ends her life! “I’m one year older than this decision”

Jonna Fedorov ends her life.

Jonah Fyodoro admitted that the decision to end his life was not a trigger. – I have been growing with her for a year. The key question is whether I will win a medal in Tokyo, the seventh player in the hammer throw at the Olympics in the Japanese capital.

Fedorov estimated that he was able to prepare the best mood of the year for the target event, which is the Olympics.

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– I’m glad I didn’t throw well all season. The form came to the games, and I found myself in the short finals of the games. This is my last start at an event in this ranking -32-year-old athlete mentioned.

She assured that the decision to break the hammer was not the result of an arbitrary decision.

– I have been growing with her for a year. I knew I would end my life if I did not win a medal – she insisted.

The former world champion two years ago and the two-time bronze medalist at the European Championships (2014, 2018) admitted that she was already tired.

– There is constant pressure and frequent departures. I have to deal with my life, not just hammer throwing. Now I feel happy and finally free – she justified.

She nodded when she felt accomplished as an athlete.

– I did everything I could. This year, unfortunately, the game stopped playing for me. I was still tired – she finished.

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There are no specific professional plans for the future yet.

– For now, I want to be with my family. My mother is returning from work abroad – he added.

The contestant – seventh at the Olympics in London and ninth in Rio de Janeiro – will say goodbye to the fans at the last start. As she said, it will be a memorial to Camila Skolimovska in Sorso.


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