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Attention, medals!  Poland have four chances on Wednesday!  This is the initial plan for August 4th

Attention, medals! Poland have four chances on Wednesday! This is the initial plan for August 4th

On Tuesday, August 3, Poland significantly improved its position in the medal stages of the Olympics in Tokyo, advancing to 21st place. It happened to win four rings. First, she won silver by the Canoeists – Carolina Naja and Anna Punavska in the K-2 event at a distance of 500 meters, then wrestler Thaddeus Michelik won the bronze medal up to 97 kg, and finally won two medals. Young Women, Anita Vodorsik – Gold and Malvina Cobran won by brown.

Poland’s best chances for medals in Tokyo! “I count first and second places”

The next 12 days of the Olympics in Tokyo will be very interesting for Polish fans. On Wednesday, August 4, Paves Fajtek and Wojciech Noviki will compete for medals in the hammer throw, while Patrick Tobek will run the men’s 800m final and compete in the Olympics. Agnes Scursbulek and Jolanda Ogar will try to retain their place in the medal race at Boat Boat 470. In addition, the Polish delegates will present themselves in canoeing, sports climbing, wrestling, skateboarding, track cycling and many other athletics. Women’s 400m, 1500m Women’s and 110m BP Finals Men.

Here is the full schedule of the Poles ‘opening on August 4 (the Poles’ biggest medal chances in Courage):

  • Decathlon: 100 meters 2:00 – Pawe³ Wiesioek
  • Elim. Spear a 2:05 – Cyprian Mirzikot
  • Transylvania: 100 pp³. 2:40 – Adriana Suzek
  • Decathlon: Stay away 2:55 – Viciosec
  • Skateboarding – Women’s Park 3:20 – Amelia Protka, probably the final 5:30
  • Kayaks – I want to. C1200 3:30 – Dorota Borovska
  • Shedathlon High 3:35 – Sook
  • Elim. Spear gr. B 3:35 – Marcin Krugovsky
  • Kayaks – I want to. Q1500 3:45 – Justina Iskryka, Marta Valshikovich
  • Powder: 110m pp³. 4:00 – Damien Psyche
  • Decathlon: Bullet 4:40 – Viciosec
  • Shares – Jovida approximately Nikolaeva vs. September. 5:20 – Then approx. 6:30, 11:30
  • Agle – Medal 470 8:30 – Agnieszka Scrippsburg / Jolanda Oger
  • Track cycling – Elim. Men’s sprint 8:30 – Matthews Ruddick, Christophe Maxell – After 9:35, 11:10
  • Track cycling – Elim Keerin 9:10 – Ursula £ o¶, Marlena Garwaka, then 10:10
  • Game Climbing – Qualifying. 10:00 – Alexandra Miroshaw – then Fr. 11:00 I 14:10
  • Decathlon: Up 11:30 – Viciosec
  • Semifinals: 1500m 12:00 – Martina Gallant
  • Seventhlon: Bullet 12:05 – Sook
  • Semifinals: 400m 12:30 – Natalia Coxmarek
  • Hammer throw final 13:15 – Paves Fajtek, Wojciech Noviki
  • Transylvania 200 m 13:45 – Sook
  • Final: 800m Run 14:05 – Patrick Topek
  • Decathlon 400m 14:30 – Viciosec
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It is worth focusing on other events besides the beginning of the poles. Women’s quarterfinals with others: South Korea – Turkey, Dominican Republic – United States, Serbia – Italy and Brazil – Russian Olympic Committee. In addition, women’s handball quarterfinals will be played: Montenegro – Russian Olympic Committee, Norway – Hungary, Sweden – South Korea France – Netherlands.