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Jonah Obosta responded to Antek Kralikovsky's comment on betrayal

Jonah Obosta responded to Antek Kralikovsky’s comment on betrayal

Jonah Obosta and Antek Kralikovsky all speak again. Not because rumors are being spread about their upcoming wedding.

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Until a few months ago, the couple released official statements about the split. As soon as it appeared, news of the alleged betrayal of the actor flooded the media. It did not escape the attention of Jonah Obosta’s fans who expressed their concern in the comments.

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Jonah Obosta, who allegedly betrayed Antek Kralikovsky: Rumors are not facts

Under the latest post by Jonah Obosta, it is boiling. Everything because of a comment posted by one of the female fans. Internet user expressed concern about the actress. He wrote directly after media releases that he feared the honesty of his partner’s intentions.

“I’m a little scared of Mrs. Jonah. She’s so nice, so beautiful. She’s a playboy … I do not know if she can be changed and become a faithful, good husband. They make a good couple. But who will betray once …” – we read in the post.

Jonah Obosta decided to respond in order to put an end to all speculation.

“Thank you for your concern. However, why didn’t Anteco understand this assertion that I had been betrayed? Was this information based on my breaking post? Are we divided over the allegations? After all, rumors are not facts, they are denunciations and speculations. Only we know why we broke up. Of course there were reasons, but we didn’t want to come to it anymore. I have to admit that this is a very difficult time for us full of stress, tears and suffering. However, I believe that everything in life is for something. Eventually, we overcame the crisis. Me and Antech needed a lot of work. Today we are happy, that is the most important thing. “

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