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UFC: Mattus Camrod with another bonus!

Mattus Camrod (19-1, 6C, 5SUB) had another great performance at UFC. On Saturday night, the Pole defeated American Jeremy Stephens (28-19, 19 Go, 2 SUB). Event organizers presented the award to the Red Dragon contestant.

This is his third fight at the UFC for the famous “cameraman” and he finished it in the blink of an eye. Comrod started fighting in his own style, so after the wrestler he grabbed his opponent by the leg and knocked without any problem. As it turned out then, Stephens could no longer wake up. The pole bent the American hand in a normal way and tapped it a moment later.

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Organizers praised Comrot’s approach. Pole was one of four players awarded after the show in Las Vegas, meaning that in addition to the standard salary, an additional $ 50,000 would be credited to his account. A similar award was given to Rodrigo Nacimento, Rodolfo Vieira and Misha Tate. The fight of the night was called Billy Quarantillo vs Gabriel Benitez.

This is the third bonus in “Cameron’s” career at UFC. In October 2020, the organization distinguished itself from the pole after making its debut in a fight with Khurram Guttadelots, and in April, the pole was awarded for its effective knockout against Scott Holtzman.

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