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KSW62: Thomas Sarara defeats Philip Frederick after a dramatic fight (video)

During the third round of the KSW62 exhibition, Tomas Sarara (1-0, 1CO) defeated Philippe Fradaric (5-4, 5CO) to make his MMA bout for the Krakow player.

In his first round in the history of MMA origins, there were a lot of issues with the title Kickboxer. Prodaric quickly dropped a player from Krakow and controlled him in this position for almost the entire round. Sarara also suffered a serious eye injury, which was “closed”. During the break between rounds, the doctor examined the 36-year-old’s injury and finally allowed him to continue fighting.

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Second round and entertainment resume – Frederick was just back on top. Two minutes later, the referee lifted the fight to a standstill, but after a while Sarara was again at a disadvantage. At the end of the round, Grodd, who had jumped on the fight card the day before the fight due to the fall of Vladimir Toke, was close to winning early, but Sarara finished the second match.

Sarah was also allowed into the final round, although this time her rival quickly knocked him down. After a while, the fight returned to the stand, where Sarar hit, and he found himself in Tosiada from above. As soon as it was over, the fight ended at this point, as Prodaric gave up. Introducing the winning MMA titled Stand-Up Boy!

Fighting shortcut Tomas Sarara – Philippe Frederick:

Tomas Sarara defeats Philippe Frederick in the 3rd round via DKO (Surrender)

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