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Pope Francis restricts the opportunity to celebrate the Trinity Mass.  He writes about the “blocking of progress” of the Church |  World News

Pope Francis restricts the opportunity to celebrate the Trinity Mass. He writes about the “blocking of progress” of the Church | World News

Pope Francis incorporated his guidelines for the Tridentine Mass into an apostolic letter in the form of Motto Proprio “Traditions Custodes”. The Pope issued a letter to all the bishops explaining his decision. The Holy Father emphasized that there was a close connection between the Tridentine Mass election and the “rejection of the Church and its institutions in the name they regard.”

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Pope Francis made a decision regarding the Tridentine Mass. Modifying the Reforms of Benedict XVI

The Polish Bishops’ Conference reports that the pope’s decision is the result of a survey of bishops around the world called the Council for the Doctrine of the Faith in 2020. Celebrating the Trilogy Mass Without the Bishop’s Permission Thanks to Mottu Proprio Benedict XVI’s “Samoram Pontificum” since 2007.

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The opportunity to celebrate worship in an unusual form of Roman rite was discontinued by the proclamation of Pope Francis’ Motto Proprio “Traditions Costots”, i.e. Friday, July 16th. New Testament The uniform form of the Holy Mass must be celebrated in the national language in the Catholic Church around the world, facing the faithful.

The ban on celebrating the Mass of Trident is not absolute. Bishops in their dioceses can grant permission for clergy who wish to celebrate such worship to worship in an unusual form of Roman rite, but only for those who have already done so. The diocesan bishop must consult with the Holy See before giving his consent. Trisula Mass cannot be celebrated in church churches.

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Pope: The Mass of Trident was used to increase divisions within the Church

In his letter to the bishops, Francis stressed that “the possibility of celebrating the Tridentine Mass given by John Paul II and the possibility of Benedict XVI celebrating it with even greater generosity” is to restore the unity of the Church and to avoid divisions associated with the movement. Led by the Archbishop. LeBron – a French clergyman who opposed the changes of the Second Vatican Council, including the new form of the masses.

Francis noted that the results of the survey among bishops revealed a situation that “makes him sad and anxious.” The Holy Father wrote that the vast potential of the Tridentine mass was “used to increase distances, to increase differences, to create oppositions that would offend the Church and hinder its progress, and expose it to the danger of division.”

The pope added that he regrets being used as an instrument of extraordinary Roman rite, adding that “it is increasingly characterized not only by the reform of worship, but also by the increasing rejection of Vatican II, with the unsubstantiated and unacceptable claim that it betrayed tradition and betrayal.”

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The extraordinary Roman rite was established in the 16th century.

The Mass of Trident owes its name to the Council of Trent – in 1570 a meeting of the bishops of the whole Church approved the official practice of Mass in the Catholic Church. Previously, cults were conducted in different ways as a result of the culture and tradition of a particular region. The manner in which the Tridentine Mass is celebrated is defined in the “Roman Missile” published by John XXIII in 1962 – the liturgy celebrated in Latin, with its back to the assembled believers. It is also characterized by the proliferation of cult gestures performed by the clergy. The modern mass, that is, the ordinary form of Roman rite (in the vernacular, confronting the faithful), was founded in 1969 by Paul VI. This was one of the major changes introduced by the Second Vatican Council (1962-65).

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