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Jonathan the giant tortoise is 191 years old

January 1st is not only the first day of the year, it is also the birthday of Jonathan the Giant Tortoise. Jonathan is 191 years old, making him the oldest living land animal in the world.

“It fascinates me to think that there is no living animal on Earth that existed before it,” says veterinarian Joe Hollins, who has been caring for the turtle since 2009. Washington Post.

Christmas is celebrated at home on the tropical island of St. Helena. The Washington Post wrote that the schedule for the day was to “slowly forage for fresh clover to eat and then lie down for an afternoon nap.”

Although Jonathan is old, he still shows enthusiasm for life. Over the years, the giant tortoise has become blind and lost his sense of smell, but is otherwise healthy. It has excellent hearing and moves using sound.

Although Jonathan is blind and has lost his sense of smell, he still has the joy of life.

Picture: Joholins/Bournemouth News/REX/TT

Most Jonathan He spent his life on Saint Helena, a small island in the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Africa. He came there as a gift to the governor of the island at that time in 1882.

Jonathan's age has not been fully determined. This is based on the fact that when he arrived in St. Helena from the Seychelles he was fully mature – that is, he was at least 50 years old.

– It could be bigger than that, says Joe Hollins.

No matter what, he hopes to participate in celebrating his friend's 200th birthday.

-I really love this extraordinary animal. Taking care of him is the greatest privilege.


● The Aldabra tortoise is considered one of the longest-living vertebrates, and can live for up to 200 years.

● Males can exceed one meter in length and weigh up to 250 kilograms. Females are slightly smaller, reaching 90 cm in length.

● The Aldabra tortoise naturally lives in the Seychelles, a group of islands in the Indian Ocean.

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