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A village in Wales could become the UK's first climate refugees

Updated on 08.07 | Published on 01/01/2024 17.06

The picturesque Welsh village of Fairbourne is just a bastion of disaster.

Welsh villagers could become Britain's first climate refugees.

The sea threatens to drown little Fairborn.

Today, 681 souls live in the picturesque community. In just a few decades, the number could drop to zero.

Little by little the sea is approaching the village houses. In addition, the village is located at the mouth of the river.

According to experts, Fairborn could become uninhabitable in just 30 years.

But so far the sea has not reached the protective dam.

Warnings: Often – and worse

Already in 2014, Fairburn's municipal council proposed a plan in which the entire lowland village would be dismantled house by house, he wrote woman.

Now the villagers are tired of the talk and the lack of a workshop.

-We don't want to think about it anymore. Not until something is accomplished. A shop owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, added, “We just want to live our lives in a normal way without all the negative attention.” Wales Online.

Last month, a report by Resources Wales warned that floods “will occur more frequently in the future”.

“They will also often be more widespread and severe in nature and cause more risks – floods that occur suddenly, with water flowing deeper and faster for example,” the report also said, according to The Mirror.

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