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Kidnapping a media personality in Denmark  the world

Kidnapping a media personality in Denmark the world

During New Year's Eve, Stefan Hensel was with two of his children, a ten-year-old boy and a thirteen-year-old girl, at a restaurant in the Danish town of Grasten near the German border.

Suddenly a number of men appeared, beat Hensel, and forced his children into a rental car.

Danish police quickly launched a major operation, and German police were soon brought in. The car is believed to be registered in Germany.

Police: Link to custody dispute

In a press release, Danish police wrote that they suspect the kidnapping is linked to a long-standing custody dispute with the children's mother, which began in 2014.

In 2021, Stefan Hensel took the children on a trip to Denmark and stayed with the two children, the German newspaper wrote. Bild.

Christina Block took the matter to a court in Germany and granted the right to return the children home, but the Danish authorities took the opposite decision and said that the children should remain with the father, the German TV channel reported. from right to left.

Now the children are missing without a trace, and Danish and German police are intensively searching for the children. Danish police wrote that their focus is on finding the children and ensuring their well-being.

Bild newspaper searched for Christina Block, who refused to comment on the kidnapping.

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