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JUST NOW: Magdalena Anderson(s) is receiving critical acclaim

JUST NOW: Magdalena Anderson(s) is receiving critical acclaim

JUST NOW: Magdalena Anderson(s) is receiving critical acclaim

Social Democrats leader and prime ministerial candidate Magdalena Anderson is doing this for the opposition’s chances of winning the election.

This is the crux of the criticism that is now leveled against Leader S by one of the other party leaders on the Opposition’s chance of gaining government support.

we are worried

This case concerned the failure of the Social Democrats to bring together the opposition parties to form a credible alternative to the current Social Democrat government.

– There is concern about the lack of a coalition leader who works for unification, says Left Party leader Noshi Dadjostar to SAR.

– And they did not do this even in the last period in an obvious way, the commander of the V.V.

Shattered confidence

– We have not emerged as a credible government alternative, says Dadgostar (V).

The background was that the Center refused to discuss and cooperate with the Left Party.

Attempts by the Social Democrats to bring together the center and the left were very limited.

– The Wasat Party – repeatedly during the last Mandate period as well – chose not to sit in the hall with us and trust in all was damaged, Noshi Dadjostar (V) affirms.

Magdalena Anderson (young)

The left party now wants Magdalena Andersson (S) to act differently before the 2026 election – if they have a chance of beating M-KD-SD-L.

– Obviously, she also needs to act as the leader of the alliance, Noshi Dadjostar assures.

– We are convinced that we can find a strong left alternative before the next elections.

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Noshi Dadjostar has a very big point – if the Social Democrats do not bring the center and the Left Party together in the same government basis, there may be a lack of mathematical basis for government formation.

Swedish elections are often even, so it is likely that both the center and the left will be needed to reach as many as 175 states, giving a majority.

The chance increases

The fact that the center has now changed party leader from Anni Luv to Muharrem Demirok increases the chance that the SVC-MP will put together a team – after winning the elections.

At the same time, Demirok (C) is said to be open to cooperation with M, KD and liberals.

But unlike Annie Love, my estimate is that it may also open up on the left.

If he does not do so, it is likely that the center will appear again as a party that has no chance of forming a government, and then the party may lose more than it did in the last elections.

Photo: Magnus Liljegren, Government Offices

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