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Kamil Stokes with full confidence ahead of the World Cup in Engelberg: - I love this mountain

Kamil Stokes with full confidence ahead of the World Cup in Engelberg: – I love this mountain

Author: Cyfra Sport
Kamil Stoch

He has stood on the podium of the World Cup eighty times. More than a dozen of these victories took place in Engelberg. Recovered Kamil Stokes (34) went to Switzerland with the team for the World Cup. Maybe there will finally be a breakthrough?

Kamil has beaten his manhood twice in the last few days. On Saturday, he became the first Polish jumper to stand on stage at the Cup. In the following days, he recovered from sinusitis.

– The nose and sinuses are open – he declared with satisfaction before leaving with a slight weakness. – and a feeling of dominance in me a few days ago … shortness of breath (laughs). I did not regret the fate and accepted it because it was impossible to do so. Missing Sunday’s match lost points, but forced jumping will be bad in the long run.

15/12/2021 Kamil Stoch won the disease. Now is the time to beat your rivals

Fans are looking forward to the victory of the Polish jumper in this Winter World Cup. Mount Cross-Ditlis (K125) in Engelberg seems to be the perfect place to fulfill these desires. Adam Małysz, Jan Ziobro and Stoch won there.

– I like Engelberg and the mountain there – Kamil told Super Express. – Every trip to that place made me happy. It may still be that way.

At the largest Swiss facility, the jumper from Ząb won the 2013 and 2019 World Cups. In addition, he finished second six times and third twice. After its reconstruction in 2016, he set the first official record of 143.5 m (immediately Domen Prevc surpassed him by half a meter). For a year he rewrote the longest flight in cross-dittle (146 m), but unofficially, because he did it in training series.

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19/12/2020 WC Engleberg: Poles crush rivals! Excitement on stage! Granerut wins again

Since January this year, Camille’s World Cup winning streak has been 39. This equates to Adam Malice’s winning streak from 1996-2011. We are waiting for the next step.

– Already my tabs on Klingon were very good and I would love to present this season. But, I will not say no to hope for a better future – said Kamil with a smile.