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Katarzyna Dowbor unveiled the stage for the show "Our New Home".  The first three years were very difficult.  "I was holding my head"

Katarzyna Dowbor unveiled the stage for the show “Our New Home”. The first three years were very difficult. “I was holding my head”

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In interviews for “Dziennik Łódzki” and “Dziennik Zachodni”, Katarzyna Dowbor spoke about the choice of participants for the project “Our New Home” and their fate. He also decided to answer questions from Internet users.

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Katarzyna Dowbor unveiled the stage for the show “Our New Home”

Katharsina Dawbor acknowledged that the first three years of work on Bolsat’s production were difficult for her. The fact that people in the twenty-first century can live in dire straits and poverty kept her awake at night.

For the first three years, I kept my head up. I do not understand under what circumstances people can live. Now I do not like the head. Today I am wondering what I need to do to make it better. (…) No need to get emotional, you need to get down to business, talk to these families.

The main step in the “Our New Home” project is family selection. The journalist agreed that the essence was the transparency of the participants. The heroes of the show must be ready to tell their own story.

The family we choose must also be willing to tell its story. (…) We saw families who wanted to renovate their house, while at the same time insisting that they would not say anything about themselves. It is difficult for us to accept this. We need this story.

The presenter stressed that I make sure that every family is treated with respect. Production determines which pieces can be aired. All this so as not to make the heroes hateful.

We know the backend that can not always be revealed. (…) We try to prevent the families we help from feeling inferior and make them feel stigmatized and humiliated in any way because they can not renovate the house or do something that almost all of us have. For example, each of us has a bathroom. However, there are places and situations where someone who does not have a bathroom calls himself a “stinker” and “dirty people”. It was horrible and disgusting.

Dawbore also told some good news to “our new home” audience. She revealed that it was 95 percent. The families who took part in it recovered themselves from the trouble. Many participants found a job and recovered from their trauma.

There may be helpless families. They got something, but they are still stagnant. However, 95 percent. Our families are one step ahead. (…) These are completely different people.

Internet users have long been curious about what will happen to the furniture that will be removed from homes by the renovation team. If that changes, staff will only remove items that are completely damaged and unusable.

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We do not throw away valuable furniture. Of course, we change the whole house for our heroes, but if the family wants to have something, we tell it and leave it in the barn or barn, or give it to those who come for it. We throw away mold and mildew soaked.

Our new housing project has thousands of fans in Poland. Not surprisingly, Katharsina Dover and her team did a lot of good for many families.