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Martina Grozber: Ukraine is a strong competitor, but we have nothing to fear

Martina Grozber described the Ukrainian women before the 1/8 final.

– We can not underestimate Ukrainian women. They are with others a great attack. This is definitely a dangerous enemy, but we have nothing to fear – Martina Grozber said in an interview with Posina Bisco before the 1/8 final of the European Volleyball Championship with Ukraine.

The host of the Polish national team described the close rivals of the White and Reds in the European Championship.

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– We can not underestimate Ukrainian women. They have a great striker, Olesia Rieszlook, who can play at very high levels and high pressure. Our main goal will be to have this leader, but you will also notice other players who support her. This is definitely a strong enemy, but we should not be afraid of anything – said Grozber.

Grozber also mentioned his friend from the time he played in the Semitic police, which represents Ukraine.

– I had the opportunity to play a season with Irina Truskina in the colors of the Semitic police. This is a very positive number. I think it will be an interesting match, although Irina did not tell us anything, we did not get anything from her about the important information, but we will be well prepared for this match – he added.

The most important thing is to have concentration throughout the competition.

The intensity that we sometimes miss in the meeting with Bulgaria is important. When we were focused, we played big volleyball, but when we weren’t there it was completely different – she said.

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The hall in Plovdiv, where Polish women have already played five games, will also be of great importance. Ukraine, on the other hand, will only know it.

– Because we know the hall, we can get a little advantage. We have already played on the plow level as a team, which is an unusual place. It has specific lighting and is not designed for the retina, he concluded.

Full conversation with Martina Grossber in the video.

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