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Schmidt: We didn't do what we were supposed to do

Schmidt: We didn’t do what we were supposed to do

Mishka, Source: DVB Sport

– Every failure is frustrating. This meeting did not start as we wanted, but the result was good. If there were 10 games like this, we could have drawn most of them, but we’re done. Legia defended themselves well, won and applauded them. Legia played as we expected, but we did not do what we were supposed to do. Why did this happen? If I knew it, maybe it would change. Legia is a good team, if you think differently you will not watch football. These happen in football. The atmosphere of the stadium was fantastic and the fans were amazed. We missed it – after Lexia’s defeat, said Leicester City goalkeeper Caspar Schmeichel.


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Sloan61 – 6 minutes ago, *

Since yesterday morning, I have believed in Legia, I have won, I wrote about it on my Facebook page, I want to be proud of it because I know football! I woke up, the sun is out the window today! Bravo Legia!


Slum – 25 minutes ago, *

If he wants, he can play with us, for him this environment is often …


Elohim – 5 hours ago, *

He defended Castratti’s scene neatly, estimating that he had left the writer and returned to office, which was a pity for Legia.


Ernie – 8 hours ago, *

As always, class accent !!! Good guy Schmeichel and a good goalkeeper! Fabiaski has such a class with us! Lots of good copper !!!


wrt – 10 hours ago, *

Well, good result, 3-0 in the sense that this is not a miracle?


Andreas – 10 hours ago, *

Great grandfather, Pole, you have to ask Peter’s father to confirm it.


Mammoth – 9 hours ago, *

Andreas: Yes that’s right


K. – 9 hours ago, *

Andreas: Grandpa


Elder to him, grandfather to Peter’s father – 52 minutes ago, *



Alicanco – 10 hours ago, *

Tell the class.


Mar. – 10 hours ago, *



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