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Beta returns to work after Cochrane scandal  "Serious time"

Beta returns to work after Cochrane scandal “Serious time”

  • Beta Cositrack has announced that he is writing new songs. The songs should be on his new album
  • “Thank you for being with me,” he wrote, thanking the support of the fans so far
  • The singer’s announcement came a month after she had been driving drunk on the streets of Warsaw. Cositrack returns to the stage after a few week breaks from professional activities
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Beta Cositrack earlier this month. She caused a scandal after she was caught driving under the influence of alcohol. Stopping the artist while driving It was widely commented in the press. Robert Connaught Warsaw II District Police Headquarters confirmed it Authorities arrested a 61-year-old man who was driving a BMW under the influence of alcohol. On the suffocation test, the artist showed that there was two alcohols per mill in the exhaust air. He issued an official statement on Instagram publicly apologizing for his behavior. Now he is back at work.

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Beta returns to work after Cochrane scandal “Serious time”

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A few days ago it was announced that Beta Cositrack would be back on stage. During a concert with Justina Steskovska, he took his side when he faced waves of criticism on the internet for his friend’s reckless behavior. Now the interested person talked about her future.

Beta Cositrack Announced the release of a new album on Instagram. He informed about the release plans and thanked the fans for being with him. She wrote:

Stay tuned for new songs from Beta Cozytrack.

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Beta cocitrac inhibition

Beta Cositrack was stopped by a police patrol Wednesday, September 1 approx. 20.05 At the intersection of Batorego and Al. Niepodległości in Warsaw. Pliots was able to get some information from the police about what happened on the road. Confirmed to us Robert Connaught From the Warsaw II District Police Headquarters, Authorities detained a 61-year-old woman who was driving a car with two people per mill in the exhaust air. In an interview with Pleiada, a police spokesman greeted eyewitnesses who saw the drunk driver on the road:

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Several hours later, Beta Cositrack released an appropriate statement on the matter. She publicly apologized for her behaviorBy writing:

At the same time Beta Cozitrack agreed to publish her picture and sign with her full name. For driving under the influence of alcohol, the artist is at risk, fined, imprisoned for up to two years at liberty or up to two years, as well as prohibited from driving any vehicles or any type of vehicle for a period of 3 to 15 years. In an interview with Sukas Sapuda, Plejada, calculated:

– In addition A specific “side penalty” for a person who has been banned from driving for more than one year is required to re-take the driving test. – Added.

Attorney Sukas Sapuda insisted on it Punishment for drunk driving depends on a number of circumstances, Including the extent of her crime and the extent of the social harm of the law, as well as the alcohol content in the body and whether it exceeds the limits prescribed by law. he said:

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The lawyer insists on it In these types of cases, one must also remember the need to shape the legal awareness of the community and strengthen the belief that punishments are inevitable. And realizing that drunken driving offenses involve a strong response from the judiciary. Beta Kochitrak’s lawyer believes the singer will not get a prison sentence. In an interview with “Party” he stressed:

Photo: Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Beta Cositrack has announced a new album

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