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Roman Giertych (fot. PAP/Leszek Szymański)

Kierdich was angry with the famous journalist. “Rymanovsky, slanderer!”

Attorney Roman Gierdich argues that services are being monitored using the Pegasus system. Boris Budka and Bokton Rymanovsky spoke on the topic in the Bolshoi News. After this discussion, the former leader of all Polish youth expressed great anger on Twitter. “Rymanovsky, slanderer!” – He wrote.

Deputy Minister of Defense: Pegasus is not in Polish services

The Pegasus system is not fitted with Polish services. It is not used to monitor or monitor anyone in our country -…

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Borys Budka, former chairman of the Civic Platform, was Bogdan Rymanowski’s guest on Polsat News on Tuesday. The conversation revolved around media reports claiming to be Roman Guardich’s surveillance.

The politician said his creation a few years ago “warned that tens of thousands of slots were being set aside for illegal secret purchases.” – Everything indicates that they are intended for the monitoring of citizens – Budka pointed out.

The journalist who conducted the interview asked him: “So in this case you trust attorney Giridich, not the Polish services who deny that you did not commit any illegal acts?”.

– I do not trust Maciej Wąsik or Mariusz Kamiński. They were convicted in the first case of abuse of power. They were pardoned because they had a good friend of the president – the politician replied.

Giardich attacked by Pegasus? Wąsik Comments. There is new information

Roman Guardich has disappeared from the judiciary and has not received any letter. He is suspected of being involved in very serious financial crimes.

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According to the PO MP, Rymanowski asked if the law would be broken if the court approved the use of Pegasus against Giertych. He recalled that action was being taken in the prosecutor’s office against the former head of the League of Polish Families. A few days ago, investigators demanded his arrest.

“The Pegasus tool was developed to detect terrorists,” Boris Putka said. “It’s unacceptable to keep an active lawyer under surveillance,” he said.

Kierdich and Liz about Rymanovsky

Roman Gierdich mentioned this interview on Twitter after a post by Tomas Liz. “I am listening to Rymanovsky’s conversation with Budka on the Bolshevik message. Shock. Almost every question suggests that it would have been legal to ask Giorgis with the Pegasus. The PiS-ia campaign was constantly absorbed, ”Liz wrote.

“When I was in Pegasus (2019), Wroclaw’s lawyers who handled the case preferred the dismissal of the charges against me. Rymanovsky, libel! Giardich commented.

In the next post, Geardich said that those who suggest that “weapons against terrorists” may have been used against him are “investigating and civil prosecuting.”

“In Polnord’s case, the courts (including the district court in Warsaw, which recognizes wiretaps in Poland) mocked the charges 30 times and harmed me over the CBA’s criminal record. No judge would agree with Pegasus with a lawyer, MP or lawyer!”

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Bursa, after the new cover of “Newsweek”, accused Tomas Liz. Will the cases come?

Edyta Górniak, Jan Pospieszalski, Bogdan Rymanowski and Piotr Schramm are on the cover of Newsweek’s latest issue. Weekly Magazine Their …

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Reporting Services on Giertych

A spokesman for the Minister of Secret Services, Stanislav Sherin, said: “In Poland, operational control is exercised over cases that are just and legally binding, after obtaining a lawyer’s consent and a court order.”

– Each application of operational control methods obtains legally required approvals – including court approval. Polish services operate under Polish law – He insisted.

As he added, “Polish services have no right to recommendations that use operational methods for political struggle”.

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