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Kim Jong Un doesn’t treat people with leather coats

He is not just a dictator. Kim Jong-Un is also a fashion police officer.

North Korea bans all attempts to imitate the commander’s black leather coat.

In the absence of stars and celebrities you have to take what you have.

I North Korea Dictator Status Kim Jong-un.

The cult of personality around the country’s leaders is enormous – everything they say and do and want people to follow. When it debuted with a black leather coat in 2019, the gown thus became a sought-after icon in no time.

However, in North Korea, genuine leather is an expensive luxury item and only the country’s elite can dress like Kim Jong Un. But the country’s clothing manufacturers started importing cheap fake clothes and soon every other North Korean could look and feel like a dictator.

But when the shiny black overcoat became the property of everyone on the streets of Pyongyang, the real dictator, who didn’t want to look like a Cretan or a Pleitiese, got enough. Now, black leather coats are off-limits to everyone except for those who have the approval of the regime, that is, Kim Jong Un’s closest circle.

Radio Free Asia reports on how the actual fashion police patrol and confiscate black coats from vendors and men who dare to dress the country’s leader. It is not enough for young people to protest and say that they bought their coats for their money.

– The police then responded that it was an “unclean tendency to challenge the authority of the great leader” by wearing clothes intended to resemble those worn by the great leader, a source tells Radio Free Asia.