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Kim Jong-un inspects the spy satellite |  News

Kim Jong-un inspects the spy satellite | News

A military reconnaissance satellite has been a high-priority target for North Korea since January 2021, when the regime outlined future plans for the country’s military at a congressional meeting, according to Wall Street Journal.

Now it looks like Pyongyang is about to be there.

In April, Kim Jong-un gave the go-ahead for the launch – and on Tuesday he visited a facility to personally inspect the spy satellite, the Guardian writes, referring to North Korea’s state-controlled news agency.

The dictator’s daughter, Kim Ju-ae, was also present during the visit. She has appeared at her father’s side in public several times in recent months, fueling speculation that she may become the country’s next leader.

Covered with gold leaf

The few extant photos of the spy satellite have been partially blurred, but according to the visit photos, it is cylindrical, covered in gold-colored insulation paper and equipped with solar panels, The Guardian writes.

The purpose of the spy satellite is to provide the country with real-time information on the military movements of the United States and its allies — and to gain the ability to use “preventive military force when the situation calls for it,” according to Kim. Jong Un, Posted by The Wall Street Journal.

No specific date has been set for the postponement.

A new intercontinental missile

The situation between South Korea and North Korea has been tense for a long time. North Korea has conducted a series of robot tests, and the tone toward the South has also become sharper since the neighboring country carried out several military exercises with the United States.

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The dictatorship also accused the United States of making the situation worse.

Despite our repeated warnings, the United States continues to deliberately exacerbate the situation.The State Department wrote in a statement in March.

Pyongyang has also claimed it has launched a new solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile – which, if true, would be a major breakthrough for the country’s nuclear weapons program.

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