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Lake pink emissions in Argentina

Looks like someone poured pink in the water. In fact, it is a discharge of sodium sulfite, a preservative used, among other things, for fish products, which comes from factories in the area, according to AFP.

The townspeople of Trelew have long complained of a putrid smell to Lake Corfu and nearby rivers – and this isn’t the first time the water has changed colour.

Fish factories are required by law Treat their waste before throwing it away. But now they are accused of ignoring the purification process that would prevent the release of sodium sulfite in nature.

“Those in power allow poisoning,” environmental activist Pablo Lada told AFP, accusing the government of failing to ensure the factories’ compliance.

Residents of the neighboring town Rawson protested against trucks transporting waste from fish mills by blocking roads. Therefore, the local authorities agreed to dump the waste into Lake Corfu.

– The reddish color is not harmful and will disappear in a few days, Juan Michaud, director of the environment for Chubut County, told AFP.

It was rejected by the city’s planning minister, Sebastian de la Valena.

You can’t play something that dangerous, he says.

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