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Kim Yo Jong, sister of Kim Jong Un, witnessed the progress of the United States

Kim Yo Jong rejects all notions that the United States and North Korea will once again sit down and negotiate a nuclear weapons agreement. She warned in a statement across the state KCN Because the United States would be very disappointed if they thought some diplomatic relations with North Korea were possible.

– A Korean proverb says “The most important thing in a dream is to be able to interpret it, not get it,” says Kim Yo-Jong.

– It seems that the United States interpreted the situation in this way, seeking comfort.

Did Kim Jong-un’s words send an ‘interesting signal’?

The dictator’s sister responds to a statement from Joe Biden’s security advisor Jake Sullivan, who in turn – in an interview with ABC News – responded to Kim Jong-un’s statement that North Korea should be ready for “dialogue and confrontation.” Sullivan saw the statement as an “interesting signal.”

“We will wait and see if they are followed up with any further direct communication about a possible way forward,” he said at the time.

Her statement also comes a day after the US special envoy for North Korea, Sung Kim, announced that the United States had offered to hold talks with North Korea “anywhere, anytime and without prior notice.” Then Sung Kim said he hoped for a positive response from North Korea, but sanctions against North Korea remain.

Negotiations between North Korea and the United States have been non-existent since then-President Trump met Kim Jong Un in Hanoi in 2019. The meeting ended with nothing and nothing in progress after the United States refused sharp sanctions relief in exchange for small North Korean steps toward disarmament.

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