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Knockout of the year at Bellator?! What a punch! He didn’t know what fell on him [WIDEO]

For 28-year-old Sergio Pettis, this was his first defense of the Bellator Championship belt in the bantam weight scale. The American won it in May, defeating Juan Archonida by unanimous decision of the judges. Horiguchi, who is three years older than him, held this belt for several months in 2019, but had to take it off due to injury.

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“Knockout of the year! Although not a knockout, the return of the year!”

In Friday night’s fight at Bellator 272, everything indicated that Kyoji Horiguchi would win the bodyweight championship once again. The Japanese for four rounds were more active and effective and well implemented the tactical plan for this duel. Sergio Pettis was unable to threaten him for a long time, until finally something no one expected came.

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At 1:40 p.m. before the end of the fourth round, Betis attacked Horiguchi with a high kick, but she missed the Japanese header. However, he did not expect the American to come out at an incredible speed from behind, after which Horiguchi fell limping onto the carpet.

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“Knockout of the year! Although not a knockout, the return of the year!” TVP Sport commentators were excited, noting the unexpected end of the fight, which Horiguchi clearly dominated.

For Sergio Pettis, this was the 22nd victory in his professional mixed martial arts career and the fourth by knockout. The American also has 5 defeats. Kyoji Horiguchi has 29 wins and 4 losses.

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