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Kosovo verbally attacks Serbia after the NATO meeting

Kosovo verbally attacks Serbia after the NATO meeting

The Kosovo issue and unrest between ethnic Serbs and the Albanian majority were brought to the attention of the European Union and NATO on Thursday.

Initially, Stoltenberg’s tone was rather positive about measures following the unrest in May when 93 people were injured in UN peacekeeping operations.

“avoid escalation”

“I welcome the recent measures taken by Pristina to reduce tensions, which include reducing the number of special police in the north (part of Kosovo), as well as plans to hold new local elections,” Stoltenberg said after a meeting with the Kosovo president. Fiosa Ottoman-Sadrio on Thursday.

– It is necessary to avoid further escalation. I urge the parties to avoid provocative rhetoric and exercise restraint.

A few hours later, the President of Kosovo commented on the situation.

– Osmani Sadrio told reporters outside NATO headquarters in Brussels that those who attacked NATO on May 29 are known to the police and the Prosecutor’s Office (in Serbia).

Serbian police accused

It claimed that the video recordings of the riots are visual evidence that “policemen who came all the way from Serbia” took part in the attacks.

– She said that they were not suspended from their work, and accused the investigators from Serbia of accuracy in their investigative work.

The majority of the population in the northern part of Kosovo are ethnic Serbs. Protests erupted when Albanian mayors were appointed after local elections. Many Serbs boycotted the elections.

The Kfur peacekeeping operation consists of about 4,500 troops in the area.

The European Union called on the leaders of Kosovo and Serbia next week to hold talks and attempts to normalize relations between the two countries.