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Cave explorer is sick in a deep cave

Cave explorer is sick in a deep cave

In a video distributed by the Turkish government, from the depths of the cave, researcher Mark Dickey praises that he is “up and walking and alive” but “has not recovered from the inside”.

Dicky is taking part in an expedition in Murga Cave in the Taurus Mountains of southern Turkey with several other researchers, including three other Americans, according to European Cave Rescue.

The hype took time

He fell ill several days ago, on September 2, when he was nearly 1,000 meters underground. But it took a day or so before the message reached the others at the top of the cave.

He was suffering from severe stomach problems, including bleeding.

He himself says that the prompt assistance provided by others in the group and the efforts of the Turkish authorities, who ensured that the medicines could be transported, saved his life.

Among those who reached him was a Hungarian doctor.

It takes days

The rescue work is expected to take several days, possibly weeks. One difficulty is that the temperature in the cave does not exceed 4-6 degrees Celsius and there are narrow passages along the way that may be difficult, perhaps impossible, to cross using a stretcher.

Communication with Dickie is complicated because it is through couriers who go from where he is to the so-called base camp at the top of the cave. This stage takes 5-7 hours each time.

According to Yusuf Ogrinik of the Turkish Cave Research Association, up to 170 people are involved in the rescue operation.

Mark Dickey is said to be an experienced cave explorer with many expeditions under his belt and also has experience with rescues.

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The mission aims to map the cave, which is about 1,300 meters deep.