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Marin wants to leave – and abandon 35,000 voters

In Finland, a member of Parliament may not leave office without compelling reasons. In practical terms, this meant a new heavy task, both socially and business-wise. From 2016 when SFP’s Karl Haglund They wanted to leave the Riksdag, and the line became more liberal.

There are arguments
So that leaving his seat as a popularly elected person would not be a matter of notification. A Member of Parliament is empowered by their constituents to represent them. In the case of Marin, Birkaland has about 35,000 voters. The decision to approve the dismissal of a Member of Parliament is taken by the Riksdag Plenum, on the proposal of the Conference of Speakers of Parliament. It consists of the President of the Riksdag, his deputies, and the chairmen of the Riksdag committees.

Recently, resignations were submitted for members of Parliament who were elected as mayors Anna Kaysa Ikonen (plural) and Johanna Vartiainen (Col.) and Deputy Mayor Paavo Arhinmaki (FF). Jutta Urpilainen She was fired because she became an EU commissioner. But it also happened that the dismissal request was rejected. It happened twice in 1994 when two MPs indicated frustration in different ways. In 2014, the collective party withdrew Lacey Manisto Withdrawal of resignation request. He wanted to replace a comrade in the party Laura Ratey Deputy City Manager of Helsinki. Ratti was Manico’s deputy, and subsequently became a member of the Swedish Parliament. When the then speaker Ero Hyaloma (SDP) announced that it was not clear that the dismissal would be granted, Manisto changed his mind.

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