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It is unusual for Jean-Emmanuel to ignore climate

Smiling men let their families down

Not very manly.

Author Ivar Lo Johansson They called them the “Flatfoot Brigade.” A group of men who during the years of preparation had many opinions about Swedish defence, but who usurped the leave of absence themselves. They talked a lot about the fighting spirit, but they ignored military service and blamed flat feet and a lower than normal arch on the inside of the foot.

I tend to think On the term “flat brigade” when I came across the climate backside. You know those who seem to have unlimited energy to criticize the environmental movement, environmentalists and Greta Thunberg, but never come up with any solutions of their own. Examples include Member of Parliament Lars Beckmann (centre), right-wing YouTuber Henrik Jonsson, and S-brand businessman Jan Emmanuel.

Macho men often see protecting family and country as a virtue, but in the face of our biggest crisis ever, they have abandoned…

It seems the only climate proposal they have is new nuclear power. They never had any serious plans on how to keep emissions at safe levels.

That they are all men Not by chance. according to studies It is mainly men who ignore the climate. Men are the biggest emitters and own the industries that produce the largest emissions. If we want to deal with the climate crisis, we would do well to deal with destructive masculinity norms.

But this is a bit strange. Macho men usually see “protecting family and motherland” as a virtue, but in the face of our biggest crisis ever, they have deserted the country. Instead of protecting the country from floods and droughts, they engage in mockery of environmentalists Instagram.

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It’s unfortunate. Out of the ordinary, really. Complete lack of character and ability to think clearly in crises. Instead of trying to save their families and their country from the climate crisis, they stand up and smile.

Jean-Emmanuel draws sketches about Greta and silly environmentalists. on Youtube Henrik Jonsson portrays the climate movement as a religion. Meanwhile, the basements of Ari residents’ homes were flooded. Farmers’ crops were destroyed and parts of Greece burned.

Luckily There are plenty of “real women” and “real men.” People who are taking the crisis seriously and trying to do something about it.

I think the climate movement will change a lot in the coming years. As the crisis worsens, the environmental discussion will focus less on lifestyle and more on preparedness issues. There will be less talk about bike lanes and more about drought, floods and resilient agriculture.

Instead of blocking roads Will climate activists join civil defense? The need for people with knowledge of climate preparedness will be enormous.

Unfortunately, we cannot hope for climate delay by right-wingers. They were abandoned long ago.

In the past, they might have been called pity backs.