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You will have an extensive discussion with Biaudit

Ten out of ten members of the Swedish parliamentary group voted in favor of continuing the government, and that was a clear indicator, says the group’s leader Otto Anderson (SFP).

Before the vote in Parliament, it was not clear how Eva Beaudette (SFP) will vote in the three votes on Friday – two votes relating to the Riksdag’s confidence in the ministers Rika Bora (correct) and Will Redman (True), and then vote on the fate of the entire government after the racism controversy. Beaudet voted yes to the government in the last round, but with an empty vote in favor of the ministers.

As a group leader, how do you deal with Beaudit?

“Nine out of ten voted green in the ministerial votes, and it is above all about the fact that Prime Minister Urbo has repeatedly made it clear that all the votes are about the continuation of the government,” says Anderson about the support behind the ministers.

My colleague Eva Beaudet voted explicitly on these two points, and for this reason I will have an in-depth discussion with her about the situation.

Were you in the group aware in advance of how low the votes would be?

– Yesterday, at the group meeting, I asked her to sleep and think about it, which she confirmed herself. What is noteworthy is that we were able to unanimously stand behind the government in the last vote, which was related to confidence in the government.

The group’s president, Otto Anderson, will have a private conversation with Member of Parliament Eva Beaudet.

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The discussion with Beaudette will likely take place next week, but no date has been set, Anderson says.

He reiterates that the rule of thumb also going forward is to vote for what is in the government’s programme, unless you separately agree on something else.

– I say this with all members of all government parties in mind. We will certainly see situations, not only in the Socialist Freedom Party but in other government parties, where there are more difficult issues for them.

Henrikson: We worked very hard

Party leader Anna Maja Henriksson The SFP says that the government’s work with the anti-racism message has achieved a successful result. The guarantee for this is that the message was also covered by Eva Beaudet, whose expertise was particularly mentioned by Henriksson.

– This is the result of a process in which we worked very hard on the message, and it was very central to SFP.

Henriksson says it was the instrument that convinced the MAS to sit in government.

– And he became credible. We see that today when Eva Beaudet also voted to gain the confidence of the government. Eva herself said that the message about concrete measures was good.

Henrikson says she only briefly knew how Beaudette voted and had many discussions.

-I also got a lot of help from Eva in working with the message and things that matter to the SFP. After all, Eva is one of the most – if not the most knowledgeable – MPs when it comes to issues relating to discrimination and equal treatment. It was a pleasure to have this knowledge as support in our final stage negotiations.

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‘Not an easy decision’

Others in the group voted green all the way, also on confidence in ministers.

Member of Parliament Henrik Wikström (SFP) says it was not a simple decision, but rather a comprehensive evaluation in the group.

– I myself have carefully thought about the options on the table. The Prime Minister has been clear that all votes are about confidence in the government. If you make other choices in this situation, you also have to consider the consequences. I thought about that, which is why I voted the way I did, and I think many others thought the same way, Wikstrom says.

Member of Parliament Henrik Wikström, who voted green on all votes, says he particularly took into account the alternatives and their possible consequences.

Everything in the government program that Vikstrom was satisfied with was in the balance.

-We have good things in the country’s bilingual program, but also the fact that within the government we have succeeded in highlighting and fighting for the basic values.

– If we had done the same as the other two government parties – and I do not mean now the coalition party – they had not reacted to that, everything would have continued as it was before. We’ve reacted now, says Wikstrom.

Wickstrom says he has received very diverse responses from the field.

– It has been said that it is good for the SFP to participate, also from the liberals on the Finnish side. They know where we stand, and we have a time when the political field looks the same.

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– A very polarized debate is emerging, and what I feel the Socialist Freedom Party should stand for is that it should not be as polarized as it is now. I explained that to my constituents.