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Russia on a tightrope: penetrating Ukraine

Trent Moll is the Director of Analysis at the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). According to him, there is a realistic possibility that Ukraine will penetrate “the entire Russian defense” in southern Ukraine before the end of 2023.

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Weaker than previously thought

It is based on the fact that the lines of defense that Ukraine now faces are much weaker than previously feared. Russia’s defenses are divided into three lines: first a sea of ​​hundreds of thousands of mines, followed by anti-aircraft support, artillery and combat forces, and behind that a third line of defense with reserves and more artillery.

PS Today previously reported that Ukrainian front-line forces had broken through two of the lines and were on the third line. It makes it difficult for Russia to move forces between the border sections, while Ukraine can use the positions to expand its counteroffensive and attack the Russians “horizontally” along the first two lines of defense.

But although every meter across the minefields and trenches in the first two lines of defense was costly in terms of resources and manpower, the rear line of defense was weaker than feared.

This was reported by the Anglo-American Defense Institute ISW on Friday. Data were collected during the previous day.

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