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Krakow.  MPK tests electric bus from Chinese factory

Krakow. MPK tests electric bus from Chinese factory

From Saturday, December 4, Cracovians can travel by bus of the Chinese manufacturer – the Yutong brand. The bus left for line 169, and in the following days it will also appear on lines 124 and 424. The tests will continue until January 3, 2022.

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During the several weeks of using this bus, MPK SA will collect the opinions of passengers (it will be possible to pass them on to the carrier, for example by posting comments on social networks).

The Yutong E12 is the most popular model of the electric bus of this brand in Europe (it is operated, among other things, in Norway and Denmark). The bus is equipped with LFP traction batteries with a capacity of 374 kWh. As the manufacturer assures, this guarantees a range of more than 350 km on a single charge in ordinary public transport. The bus is powered by a 215 kW central motor. Yutong E12 is equipped with a braking energy recovery system. Interestingly enough, the bus cannot be charged through a copier. The battery is only charged via the connecting plug.

Taking into account the tests conducted by MPK SA, passengers in Krakow already have 80 electric buses at their disposal. The Krakow company plans to buy another 20 electricians.


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