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Krzysztof Pi ± tek found an explanation.  Two words.  And this is a bizarre Polish national team

Krzysztof Pi ± tek found an explanation. Two words. And this is a bizarre Polish national team

Christophe Bidek was one of only three Polish players to receive “one” from the national field, according to Sport.PL journalist Dominique Wardzichovsky, after a 1: 2 loss to Hungary.

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Poland – Hungary 1: 2. Failure in hopeless style. End to dreams of sowing play-offs?

“Weak competition. He could not keep the ball in the Hungarian defensive zone, he often lost it. In addition, Carol Sviedersky’s goal changed Pidex’s position on the hierarchy of strikers in the Polish national team. If it did. It has not changed already,” he described his performance.

Undoubtedly about Wojciech Szczęsny on the Polish national team. “Is in myth” [OCENY]

Krzysztof Piątek described the match against Hungary – “heavy” and “unfortunate”.

– It’s hard to say something hot after a game, because I think we need to analyze it – said Piątek In an interview for DVB Sport After the meeting. The word “hard” became a symbol of this fit for him. – I think we controlled the first half, we played well in football. After a set piece we gave up a stupid goal GamesThe Hungarians created this one situation for themselves. And it’s hard. We made up for the loss and hit that balance, but the unnecessary counter and we conceded 2: 1. Then it was hard because the Hungarians retreated. We have to make decisions and wait for the play-offs, he said.

Poland - Carol Switzerland during the Hungarian match.  Warsaw, November 15, 2021The Hungarians react after the match with Poland. “We returned everything”

When first asked about the lost goal, “misfortune” was added to the key words in the player’s statement. – This is unfortunate too. Tymoteusz Puchacz took the ball in front of me and confused us behind our backs. He wanted to save the day and there was nothing to blame him for. Good, bad luck – he pointed out. – We need to analyze the packages of this game, but like I said, I think there were some positive moments in our game as well. Maybe the last pass is missing, but we’ve moving forward and waiting for the play-offs because we did not say the last word – Piątek rated.

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Friday: “We have to wait for decisions to be made”. It’s about sowing in the play-offs

He similarly spoke of the decisive goal of the Hungarians. – There was a moment, the first five minutes after the 1: 1 goal, we went out with a lot of pressure, the Hungarians got lost, but an unfortunate counter-attack came and a goal was simply conceded. We should not miss her like this, but we should analyze it. We have a play-off and we need to think about that. It will be clear tomorrow whether we are planted in them or not, so we have to wait for decisions to be made, ”Striker said.

Despite losing to Hungary, it retained second place.  Final Schedule of Group I.This is the runners-up table! Disaster of the Polish national team

We would like to remind you that the defeat of Paolo Sosa’s team to Hungary complicated the issue of Poland’s important place in the World Cup play – offs. What should happen if the poles are planted and theoretically weak competitor is met? Here we explain the situation.